Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Second Trimester Here we come!

We made it to the second trimester! Tomorrow is our first trimester screening ultrasound! Miguel and I are headed out to Connecticut to see the babies! I cannot wait to see those baby boys swimming around in there! Jen has been an absolute trooper in these early months of pregnancy. She has endured morning sickness, Fatigue, and all the other first trimester symptoms I wont mention! I can’t imagine how she has managed while taking care of her little ones at home and working and going to school! I am hoping that as we approach our 13th week she will begin to get her energy back and the food aversions will turn into the heightened taste buds that will allow her to taste foods and enjoy them so much more than the non pregnant.

I am so grateful to be in this situation! I am scared to death at the same time…but grateful beyond words. I have been doing my research on baby gear for twins…and figuring out our sleeping arrangements for the first 6 months. I have been reading up on feeding schedules for twins and sleep training…We all know that none of this information will really prepare us for what is really coming! Sleepless nights and major paranoia! But with that comes long loving gazes at our two newest additions to the family, and a heavenly place on earth, which will become our house when the babies get to come home.

Well tomorrow I will go to my appointment with Jen, equipped to the hilt with recording devises…I hope to have video and still photographs to post soon.

One other milestone we have achieved this week is the public announcement of my pregnancy, that was made to the 50 plus colleagues by my high school principal. This was kind of anti climatic and funny…because my principal said…and I quote…” and we have another baby on the way(gesturing to me in the second row of the stadium seating lecture hall) Mrs. Miranda is expecting….(awkward pause)…SURROGATLY (if that’s a word) Major pause….(while the faculty was trying to figure out what that meant….then someone in the faculty audience yells out) “twins” then there was a light applause and the spotlight went to other news….(While the faculty was still trying to figure out what had just happened….) I am just happy that everyone knows…But I still have not told my students, grade 9-12….I might just spring it on them spontaneously any day now, that is if it doesn’t leak!

Can you believe we’re here? Starting our second trimester?!?!?!?! Reality is finally sinking in! Oh yeah! We are looking at minivans! But I think we like the Chevy Traverse…which is considered a crossover….In my definition, a crossover is a masculine minivan!


Babydreams2011 said...

Congrats on making it into the 2nd trimester and on twins! I hope to be where you are very soon! And I LOVE the "masculine minivan" =)!

Jessica said...

Thanks! We are very excited! Are you transferring any time soon?