Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The boys are 3 months!

It has been really rough, I mean the first three months. I don't do too well with sleep deprivation. I mean I really lose my mind without uninterrupted sleep. With two 6 week premature babies, one being growth restricted and born at 3 can imagine my stress level has been through the roof. I am finally starting to level out and my life is .... well is my life now..... The past 8 years of my life has been spent thinking of how I was going to complete my family. I would not rest until I found a solution to the mountain of problems that piled up year after year. I was always one step ahead of the latest obstacle. Now I have reached my goal. We are complete! I can say it...but something has kept me from feeling it...a sort of grieving process that I need to get through. I think I may be grieving all of the losses, and all of the setbacks and disappointments over the past 8 years of infertility and health crisis. I am seriously overjoyed with my family of 5! My sons are the most beautiful creatures in the world!
I know that it will take a little time for me to discover who I am again and to grow into my newest role; Mother of 3 boys. I look back at all of the struggles we went through to have our family, and I cannot believe we are here! We are finally here!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here's Michael..... Dimples!

William looking so cute at 3 weeks old...and not even 4 pounds at the time!

3 weeks old! William is on the left...Michael is on the right!

I feel terrible about not updating this blog since THANKSGIVING!
Since then a lot has happened!

Welcome Michael and William! Born 6 weeks early!

We could not be happier! Or more tired! Or more in love!

We can't thank Jen enough for making this happen for us.