Friday, February 5, 2010

The Bad News

My dream of Sharks

Last night I dreamt I was in a house sitting in the middle of the ocean with an opening in the middle of the floor. The floor boards were wooden and rustic. The cold ocean water rushing by the large open rectangle near my feet and sharks were bumping up into the room every so often.

I looked up a dream analyzer and found that…..
“ Sharks can often symbolize resentments and bad feelings which are building up in our minds. They refer to bad moods and a sense that trouble is about to happen. They can also link to risk in general and emotional doubts and worries.”

This makes sense because yesterday after a long and grueling two week wait we found out our Frozen Embryo Transfer did not work and the cycle failed. Jennifer is not pregnant with our next child/children. We have an appointment with our fertility clinic to find out what went wrong and to make a new plan.

We are surprisingly ok…. All of us are in well enough spirits and we are looking forward to trying again in a couple months.