Sunday, August 1, 2010

Today I am married 7 years. Today is August first 2010. I can honestly say that I am still happily married. But my thoughts are diverted once again to the idea of making babies…and as I am now 40 years and 3 months old it is more urgent than in the past. But I have found some peace in knowing that as the clock ticks we will reach an end of the road….as we all know this road has been way too long and has spanned my entire marriage. My husband and I were married 7 years ago and although we wanted to have a baby right away, we waited a year to go by before trying to conceive….But even though we waited…our minds were still on the idea of baby. We were waiting for my TENURE at the new high school I had recently switched to. Well…you know the rest…or at least you could look it up in this blog…lol

We are ready to do another transfer! And I know I have not been a good blogger….because when things are not going my way or when new exciting stuff is not on the horizon, let’s just say I am a little less than motivated to write about it.

So back to my latest news…..

Jennifer, the amazing women who will hopefully become pregnant with our baby/babies is gearing up for a new transfer. As many of you remember the transfer of two embryos in January did not work and she did not become pregnant.

Well since then I went through what is called an IVF cycle to make more embryos….and We also went through a process to check 24 chromosomes on each embryo due to my radiation history etc… and we have three frozen healthy totcicles ready for transfer.

We are looking at the last week of August for Jenn to have two of the embryos put back in her uterus.

What makes this even more excited is the fact that we know the sex of all three embryos…and they are all the same sex!

But I am not ready to share that information yet.

Please pray for us and wish us luck….it’s almost the end of the road for this chapter.

Love Jess